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Baby T's Story, Chapter 1- Meet baby T & his beginnings with botulism

Meet Baby T.

He was born July 2011.
8 lbs 11oz of healthy, smushy, newborn joy.

We were delighted by his arrival. The happiest baby we had ever met.

Baby T grew...

....and grew....

....And GREW!

At 6 months he weighed over 25 lbs.
He was exclusively breastfed until his first bites of solids at 7 months.

Baby T also knew how to sit up well at 7 months (February 2012).

Monday 2/20/12

  Baby T had been out of sorts and not eating well. During our lazy day at home I had dismissed his symptoms as teething or perhaps the beginning of a cold, but that evening when I put him down on his stomach he just whined (typically he would push up on his arms and voice his  irritation with confounded tummy time).

My mate and I agreed that Baby T didn't seem to be acting like his usual happy self...

That night was awful.

T was unsettled and seemed to have forgotten how to breastfeed. He was biting constantly and wouldn't settle to sleep. He had gnawed on a bottle earlier in the day and repeated the action again.

Finally in tears I woke up my mate (IB Dad) to help me.
We made the decision to call the advice nurse later that morning if Baby T wasn't improving.

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